Can you custom make me a hat?

Short answer-no.

Long answer- each hat is unique. I buy yarn on-sale or close out, so I am not able to aquire more of any color or yarn type at this time.

Wool makes me itch. Will these hats be itchy to me?

While each soul on this earth has different tastes and preferences I would say this hats will probably be itchy to you. They are not lined, and I try to use the least processed fiber I can get my hands on.

I bought a hat for a gift. It’s too itchy for the person. Can I return the hat?

Please keep in mind I am one person, knitting or crocheting the item. If it is completely inappropriate for them, you can send it back to me, at your cost. You will need to first request a return authorization from me.

Why are your hats so expensive?

Each hat is about 5 hours of labor, with about $20 in yarn. So I don’t think they are expensive.