Punk Rock Knitting, since 2003

In 2003, long before IG, I started Punk Rock Knitting. The mission was to break the rules, inspire creative needling, and enable others to experiment fearlessly. I have been paying for the domain for 19 years, and finally am launching a website!! 

 Break the rules, inspire creative needling, enable others to experiment fearlessly.

punkrockknitting.com 2003 business plan

From my loft studio on the southside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn I knitted up a storm of items and searched out non-traditional ways to to share and show the work.

I was published in Fiber Arts magazine, on Knitty.com, and in a book. My knitted landscapes were shown with big-name contemporary artists and at the CBGB’s gallery. There were many other group shows I participated in.

This past summer I knit 70 or so hats. As I was spitballing with a friend on how to sell/share the hats. I mentioned I had been crafting for 50 years. The Fifty 4 Fifty project was born. Fifty hats for 50 years. Each unique hat represents a year from 1973-2023. I am writing small stories for each hat/year that reflect the music/art/fashion/media influences as I experienced them.

As I was going back through files from 2003 I found my original “SHAZA’S World” blog. I will be adding those posts. What a blast from the past. It will be interesting to see if any of the bands or venues are still around.

 Experience knitting like never before- breaking the established rules one  *&#$% stitch at a time !

Punk Rock Knitting, 2003